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Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Robots Got Talents is a non-profit group that aims to spread Robotics and Coding Knowledge all over the world by creating online free STEM educational material available for all Schools, Educational organizations and Individuals.

Robots Got Talents offers 2 types of courses; Classroom & Individual. Classroom Courses are made for schools and other educational organizations. They do include a Students Zone made up of an interactive topic by topic presentation that guides the students throughout the course and a Teacher Zone, that include all needed course documents as books, quizzes, worksheets, advertising material, lesson plan and much more. While Individual Courses are mainly made up for a single participant, they do also include a Students Zone and a Download Zone, which include all the needed documents for the Individual Participants, all Individual courses include a public student zone so that the participant could know everything about the course before signing up Moreover Individual Courses also include an automatically corrected quiz after each lesson, so the participant could make sure he/ she understood all the Topics mentioned in the lesson. All Robots Got Talents Courses, Camps and Challenges are 100%, so anyone could just join. To participate in any course you must first fill the course signup form, and within 2 days you will receive the login passcodes that will give you access to the course Students Zone and Teacher Zone (or Download Zone in the case of Individual Submission).

Most teachers get confused whether to choose Classroom Courses or Individual Courses for their learning, We do suggest signing up for an individual course in this case, as many of the topics are explained more clearly for teachers in Individual courses, in addition to the quiz available after each lesson, and the Course Support where you can ask any question for the course developers and get immediate answers after few days via mail. Of course, If you are planning to host the course to be taught in your School, Robotics Club or Educational Organization you must select the Classroom Edition of the course, as it does include many classroom helping material as the Lesson Plan, Student Zone Handouts, Advertisement Material, Logos, Additional Presentations, Certificate Templates and Teacher Guide. #RobotsGotTalents #Robots_Got_Talents #Robotics #Classroom_Courses #Individual_Courses #RGT #robotics #coding


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