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On the 1st of March of each year, we create our annual statistics which measures the progress of Robots Got Talents Educational Platform and RGT team other programs compared to the previous years. The following data is collected on the 1st of March 2021. Each graph, table or chart will include a detailed description.


In 2020-2021 Robots Got Talents has successfully had a total of 523 Classroom Events; 504 Classroom Course Hosting Accepted Requests and 19 Camps Hosting Requests in more than 80 countries with an average of +23,000 students. Please note that all the data is excluding the Robots Got Talents Camps Hosting requests.

Top 15 Countries Using Robots Got Talents Educational Platform:

The country which had the most classroom courses in 2020-2021 was the United States of America, as it had 110 Online/Offline Classroom Event, most of the course hosting requests received were from schools for Distance-Learning Supported Courses as STEM HERO, RoboMind Coding, WeDo Wheels and WeDo Robotics V2, STEM HERO Deluxe and Jr Robotics MakeCode. In second place is Egypt which had a total of 30 classroom events organized for varies courses including STEM HERO, Jr Robotics EV3-G, WeDo Wheels, RoboMind Coding, SumoBot VRT and App Dev, most of the course hosting requests received were from Robotics Clubs, STEM Centers and Non-Governmental Organizations, the same as Greece which had a total of 29 Classroom Events for different courses as WeDo Robotics V1, Jr Robotics EV3-G, WeDo Wheels, RoboMind Coding, SumoBot VRT, WeDo Robotics V2 and Jr Robotics MakeCode, press here to view the list of the top 50 countries using Robots Got Talents Classroom Courses.

In the previous period 2018-2019, we had 51 Classroom courses organized in 22 countries, in this period we succeeded in increasing the number of classroom courses hosted to be 504 in 80, so we made an increase by 888.24% in the number of courses organized and Schools/ Educational Institutes from 58 new countries started using Robots Got Talent Educational Platform.

2018-2019: 51 Accepted Course Hosting Requests from +20 Countries

2020-2021: 504 Accepted Course Hosting Requests from 80 Countries Percentage Increase: (453/51)x100 = 888.235%


In 2020-2021 Robots Got Talents created and published 10 new classroom courses; [Jr Robotics EV3-G, Jr Robotics MakeCode, STEM HERO, STEM HERO Deluxe, Animal Kingdom Jr, WeDo Wheels, WeDo Robotics V1, WeDo Robotics V2, SumoBot VRT and LDD] also the RGT Course Translation Volunteers translated 3 courses into Turkish, Italian and Greek. Throughout the past 12 months, we made 29 courses updates for new courses as STEM HERO, Jr Robotics EV3-G and courses released in the previous period as Animal Kingdom and RoboMind Coding. The chart below shows the number of accepted hosting requests for each course:

The most used classroom course in 2020-2021 was STEM HERO which had 111 classroom events organized in countries from all over the world, then Animal Kingdom Jr which had 58 Classroom Events, and the third one is WeDo Wheels which had 37 Classroom Events.

The number of accepted course hosting requests could not determine the most successful course, as each course was published in a certain month. To select the most successful course in 2020-2021, we divided the number of course hosting requests received by the number of months it was available on the Robots Got Talents Educational Platform and RoboApp, which gets the average accepted course hosing requests received each month. Check the table below:

According to the table above the most successful course in 2020-2021 was WeDo Robotics V2 released in February 2021, as it has an average of 34 course hosting requests a month, then the WeDo Robotics V1 which published in the same month, and has an average of 28 course hosting requests a month.

The Individual Courses Statistics will be published in April- Stay Tuned

//Robots Got Talents Marketing Team


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