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A Message from Youssef Osman - RGT Founder

This month marks the 7th anniversary of RGT, a significant milestone that symbolizes 7 years of dedicated efforts in revolutionizing the global educational robotics community. Throughout this time, RGT has been committed to empowering and supporting educators, leading to a positive impact on tens of thousands of educators, students, schools, and businesses.

What began as a modest project has evolved into a vast educational network, attracting 390,000 users/visitors from 172 countries. 1,643 educational institutes using our classroom courses/curriculums 2019-2023. 227 Free lessons, activities, and instructions in RGT learning zones. In addition, 24 classroom courses and camps are available in various languages.

These achievements wouldn't have been possible without the dedicated volunteers who have participated in RGT volunteering programs over the years, our fantastic collaborators, and everyone who has believed in our mission to make the world a better place.

Thanks to everyone who attended our 7th-anniversary - online ceremony.

RGT Board of Directors - (You are the best and it is always a pleasure working with you);

  • Murtaza Sinnar [RGT Educational Director]

  • Abdelaziz Mohamed [Head of Development team]

  • Julieta Brenda [Head of Translation team]

  • Sandipan Chanda [Head of Events team]

Collaborators - (It is always great to work with you my dear friends and looking forward to more years of collaboration);

Region Representatives / Users (Thanks for your feedback, you made my day):

  • Queen Justice-Usum - MEA Region

  • Roxan Cosico - Asia-Pacific


WATCH RGT 7th Anniversary full ceremony

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