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Updated: Jun 23, 2020


The following steps you need to do before starting the first session of your Robots Got Talents Classroom Course.


Any school or educational organization with +10 students could host any of Robots Got Talents Classroom Courses by filling the form Available in the Chosen Course Webpage and within 2 days you will receive your login password via mail, That will give to 10 teachers and 250 Students for 30 days from the day of submission. Also When filling the course signup form make sure you mentioned the correct course starting date.


After receiving your login passcodes, Open the course Teacher Zone and download the Lesson Plan, Course Book, additional presentations, Student Zone Handouts, premade advertisements & Logos, and Certificate templates. You can also request an International Certificate from Robots Got Talents which usually takes from 1-2 weeks. Some of the downloads should be printed and given to your students on the first day of your course as the Course Book, Lesson Plan in addition to the Handouts, where they could write comments while using the Student Zone.


The next step is sending the Login passcode for the Student Zone to your Students, so they could access it while you are teaching the course, it is also recommended to use the Student Zone explaining your lessons, as each topic is explained in the easiest and most detailed way, which is used by over 200 schools from all over the world.


There are few things you need to setup for your Robots Got Talents Classroom Course, whether it's a coding or robotics class. Here are few things that should be included in your classroom:

  • Desktop Computer/ Laptop for each Course participant that have access to Robots Got Talents Website (Student Zone)

  • Internet access

  • Teacher PC that have access to all the softwares needed for the course (Mentioned in the course Document) and Robots Got Talents Website (Student Zone & Teacher Zone)

  • Additional Materials as Projector, Tablets, Cameras

  • Physical Robot and Building Pieces (If required in the course)

  • Student Zone Handouts for students

  • Course Books for Students

Tips and Tricks

  • Download all needed Software/s before starting your Event

  • Read the Course Teacher Guide before stating the Event

  • Use the Course Advertisements to promote your event on social media

  • Print all the Downloads before starting your first session

  • Follow the same topics sequence in the lesson plan

  • Submit Course Photos to the Teacher Zone to receive extra advertising from Robots Got Talents team

  • Setup the Participants Certificates before the fourth session of the course

  • View the Students Zone before each session to know what will the Students Learn


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