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Updated: Sep 9, 2021


Join the International Robotics Summer Camp 2021 (Hurghada-Egypt) to take part in an incredible learning experience that combines STEM, Robotics and Coding. Using our latest educational robotics curriculum and with special projects and classes, the camp would also include robotics/coding workshops and webinars for all students presented by the worlds most famous and talented speakers. The event would be held from the 13th to the 17th of September 2021, looking forward to meeting all the awesome students.


14-16 hours lessons given by Genio Tech experienced instructors throughout the 4 days of the camp. Classes are available for three different categories:

CATEGORY-A (Builders):

In this category, participants will learn the basics of robotics, and coding as they use the LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 platform and the WeDo 2.0 programming software and SCRATCH 3.0 to develop awesome robotics creations and explore marine life.

CATEGORY-B (Inventors):

In this category, participants will learn the basics of robotics, and coding as they use the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 platform and the EV3-G Programming Software and/or Microsoft® MakeCode JavaScript to develop advanced MINDSTORMS® EV3 projects related to marine life.

CATEGORY-C (Experts):

In this category, participants will learn the basics of robotics, mechanics, electronics and coding as they use the PITSCO TETRIX set, TinkerCad Arduino simulator and the Arduino Programming IDE (Based on C) to develop advanced TETRIX/ Arduino projects related to marine life.

Speakers & Webinars

Online Seminars related to robotics, coding and artificial intelligence hosted by famous inspiring speakers from all over the world.

Webinar 1: Simulating Life with Medical Artificial Intelligence

Speaker: Hon.Tiago Sampaio

Tiago Sampaio is a famous Computer and Data Scientist, Software Engineer and Developer Expert from Finland, with a wide experience in Artificial Intelligence. Recently he also participated in the Coronavirus COVID-19 Vaccine Research (Award Winner*, @Created Award-Winning formulas).

Webinar 2: Robotics as a tool at the service of the human being

Speaker: Eng. Andrés Gómez

Andrés Gómez is an electrical engineer from Colombia, he studied at the University of Juan De Castellanos and participated in the development of many educational robotics projects. Andrés works at the Colegio Integrado Divino Niño and AndiBot, he is also a part of the International Robotics Community.

Webinar 3: Virtual Robotics tournaments in STEAM Education

Speaker: Mr. Eduardo Restrepo

Eduardo Restrepo is a robotics instructor, coach, judge and content creator from Colombia with +12 years of experience in the field of Educational Robotics. Being the Founder and International Director RoboJam Championship and the director of Mister Roboto YouTube channel.

Webinar 4: Deep Dive in Python and AI Voice Assistants

Speaker: Mr. Sandipan Chanda

Sandipan Chanda is an active robotics and software developer and researcher, from India, with a wide experience in various fields including robotics, programming, UAVs, Multirotors, STEM Education and Biotech. He worked in over 1000robotics and AI projects and received different awards.

Learn More About International Robotics Summer Camp 2021 webinars


30-90 minutes daily practical online robotics and coding lessons presented by famous teachers, robotics instructors and programming from all over the world. Each category would have 4 workshops suitable for their age and experience level.

Workshops details will be announced soon on Robots Got Talents Blog and social media accounts.


Registration & Payment

The registration fees for the International Robotics Summer Camp would be EGP 5600 ($357) for Egyptian participants, you can pay the registration fees directly at Genio Tech branch in Alexandria, or use the online payment option:

Participation fees (for Egyptian students): EGP 5600 ($357)

International Students and Educational Institutes, please contact; or For more details about participating in the In-Person Edition of the camp.

For Registration and Payment Support:

+20 01285586619

+1 (226) 739-3388

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