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Updated: Jan 16, 2021

RoboApp is the first Android app for Robotics Education, created by Youssef Osman the founder of Robots Got Talents team and the creator of Robots Got Talents Educational Platform, RoboApp took a year and a half of development due to the quality and variety of educational resources it includes, in addition to the regularly updated courses and the new content added monthly.

RoboApp is the only place where you will find hundreds of free/high-quality Courses, Guides, Activities, Lessons and Ebooks for different Educational and Commercial Robotics platforms and Software including LEGO®MINDSTORMS® EV3, LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0, LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT, Virtual Robotics Toolkit, Microsoft® MakeCode, MIT® App Inventor, EV3-G and LDD. In RoboApp there are three main ways to learn;

1. Participating in a RoboApp Individual Course

You can easily join any of our free Online Individual Courses on RoboApp, by filling the course signup form and in less than a second you will receive your Login passcodes and QR Login Codes which will give you access to the following:

Student Zone: The student Zone is a topic by topic interactive presentation including Quizzes, Video Tutorials and Exercises, which will guide you throughout the course, in addition to the course support feature, where the course participants can discuss the course topics with our team or ask anything concerning the course contents.

Download Zone: A Download page, where RoboApp Individual course participant can access and download all the needed course resources as, Course Books, Lesson Plans, Handouts, Extra Sheets, Login QR Codes, Additional Presentations and much more.

In addition to Individual Courses, RoboApp also includes exclusive mini-courses where participants can use at any time without logging in or signing up, which include a student zone as the Individual Courses and an open Ebook.

2. Joining a Classroom Event

Hundreds of schools and Educational Institutions from all over the world host and organise Robots Got Talents Classroom Courses, which you can now also access from RoboApp using the Login Passcodes or by scanning the QR Codes provided by Robots Got Talents. The Classroom Courses are made up of two main parts: Student Zone: A topic by topic Interactive Presentation available for all courses, used by the course participants/students to guide them throughout the course and asset the teachers in the teaching process including guides, activities, video tutorials, Quizzes and much more. Teacher Zone: A Download webpage including all the material needed by the teachers in their course, all the Teacher Zones contains a Course Book, Additional Presentations, Online/Printable Quizzes, Advertising Material, Lesson plan, Teacher Guide, and certificate templates.

Please note that all Classroom Courses are currently supported by RoboApp, for organizations already registered in a course, the Login Qr Codes will be available in the course teacher zone.

3. Open Learning

With the enormous number of Activities, Guides, Lessons and Tutorials available in the Activities Zone for different Robotics Platforms you can learn everything about a certain robotics set or Software without signing or logging into any courses, which is also awesome for experienced users who want to revise a certain topic.

RoboApp also includes all Robots Got Talents Ebooks available for free even if you are not registered to any course, which is a great way for further learning. Ebooks Included in RoboApp:

  • RoboMind Coding Book V4 (Classroom Edition)

  • Elementary Robotics Book V.1 (WeDo 2.0)

  • Mindstorms for Beginners Book V3


  • RGT Microsoft MakeCode MiniBook

  • Elementary Robotics Book V.1



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