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In the world of STEM education, passion and dedication often serve as the driving forces behind transformative change. Meet Murtaza Sinnarwala, an inspiring individual who has embarked on an incredible journey with Robots Got Talents (RGT) to foster innovation and creativity in the field of robotics and STEM education. His story is a testament to the power of a "maker mindset" and a commitment to learning through play. In this article, we delve into Murtaza's remarkable path from a maker enthusiast to his role as the Educational Director at RGT and explore how his work is shaping the future of technology education.

The Genesis of Murtaza Sinnarwala's Journey:

Murtaza Sinnarwala, known as @MakerMurtaza, hails from Dubai, UAE and is associated with the Educational industry for a decade. His journey into the world of robotics and tinkering commenced during his first year of university while participating in a college hackathon. The challenge? Build a tug-of-war robot using nothing more than a few pieces of wood, string, and a battery pack. This early foray into engineering ignited a lifelong fascination with maker space and the art of creation.

Murtaza's passion for mechanics and problem-solving was further nurtured by his father, who instilled in him a love for fixing cars, plumbing, and various home repairs. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, Murtaza's path led him to become a LEGO Education Certified Teacher Trainer and a Pitsco Robotics Master Trainer. He also served as the FIRST LEGO LEAGUE Regional Partner representative from 2016 to 2021.

A Turning Point:

Murtaza's pivotal moment arrived when he assumed the role of Apple Education Manager for Apple Authorized Education Specialists in the UAE. This position allowed him to champion the "Everyone Can" mindset and advocate for Hands on learning through Play. His commitment to building creative confidence in individuals became a driving force behind his educational journey.

Contributing to STEM Education with RGT:

In his role as a volunteer and Educational Director at RGT, Murtaza works with different robotics platforms to bring transformative pedagogical knowledge to the organization. His global perspective and extensive experience enable him to connect with educators worldwide, fostering a rich exchange of ideas within the STEM community. Murtaza is committed to contributing to the development of STEM materials and empowering the next generation of innovators.

Murtaza Sinnarwala's journey from a Maker Enthusiast to an Education Director at RGT showcases the potential of passion and a "maker mindset." Together with the RGT team, he aspires to empower and inspire the next generation of digital innovators by building a global community of learners. Over the next five years, RGT aims to make technology education more accessible and effective by providing educators, students, and enthusiasts with comprehensive resources, supportive networks, and engaging experiences across various robotic and electronic platforms. This endeavor seeks to cultivate a lifelong passion for creativity, problem-solving, and technological exploration.


Join RGT volunteering program:

Robots Got Talents offers a volunteering program aimed at spreading robotics and coding education globally. There are three main groups for volunteers: the Course Development Team, responsible for creating and updating courses; the Course Translation Team, focused on translating courses into different languages; and the Marketing & Social Team, in charge of advertisements and social media management. Volunteers receive certificates of appreciation and access to educational materials. Join us in making a positive impact by empowering individuals with robotics and coding knowledge.


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