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In this blog post, we will inform you about some of the upcoming changes to Robots Got Talents educational platform.

1. Classroom Courses Retirement

We are sad to announce that in the following weeks some of RGT's most beloved courses would officially Retire from Robots Got Talents Educational Platform and RoboApp, but on the other hand, more new courses would be published.

  • Retired courses would no longer get updates

  • Retired Classroom courses zones would still be available

  • Signup pages would be replaced with Retired courses webpages with public Student and Teacher Zones.

2. RGT camps are back

After two years of pausing RGT camps, we are happy to announce that camps would be back to Robots Got Talents platform and RoboApp starting from April 2022.

3. RGT Events Zone

Robots Got Talents events zone would be added to RGT Platform starting from July 2022, the new zones would include free webinars, challenges, and national and international events.

4. Increasing course hosting limit

Starting from May 2022, We will reset the course hosting limit for all schools and nonprofit organisations. Increasing the course hosting limit to 6 Classroom Courses annually for all types of organisations.

5. Project Volunteers

Starting from April 2022, Project Volunteers would officially be members of RGT core volunteer departments. More details would be published soon.

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