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In the past few weeks after releasing the activities zone, we received many requests from extremely creative Robotics Designers from all over the globe to upload their Building Guides/Instructions on our platform and make them available for everyone 100% free, wishing to increase the variety of free high-quality internet building instructions available on the internet, so we wanted to give the opportunity to everyone.

More About Uploading Instructions:

Currently, we can only accept .pdf building instructions for LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 Sets (Home or Education Edition) 31313, 45544, 45560 and LEGO® EDUCATION WeDo 2.0 Set 45300. The Accepted Building Instructions would be available in the Activities Zone for the selected platform and each building instruction would have its own webpage and URL. Moreover, the Building Instruction creator would have the option to make his Building Instructions Downloadable or just online. Robots Got Talents would help advertise the Building Instructions online with referring to the creator/s name, also the Building Instructions would be available on Robots Got Talents new mobile app released in 2021.

Specifications for uploading the instructions:

  • The instructions must be originally created by the form submitter (the one who fills up the form) and there should be 2 evidence images for the design in the building phase or at the designing software ex. LEGO Digital Designer, Bricklink Studio

  • The Building Instructions must be in a .pdf form and should include the creator/s name, please note that we will add a static Robots Got Talents Logo Page in the submitted PDF file

  • The Building Instructions should be for only of the robotics platforms mentioned above LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3, LEGO EDUCATION WeDo 2.0 31313, 45544, 45560 and 45300

  • If the Building Instructions includes any additional parts (built with more than the pieces available in the original set or includes pieces that are not included in the set) it should be mentioned in the notes while submitting the form

  • The Building Instructions must be of high-quality and should be reviewed first by Robots Got Talents Team

  • The creator must agree on having his Building Instructions available for free on Robots Got Talents Educational platform for at least 3 months.

Important Notes:

  • The Email used to fill up the form must be working and checked regularly, as it would be used by our team to contact the Building Instructions Created

  • If the Submitted Building Instructions is accepted it is added to the Robots Got Talents Activities Section and the creator is sent a Thank You email from us and a certificate of appreciation from Robots Got Talents with the Building Instruction URL

  • It takes from 3 days to 10 days to publish the submitted Building Instructions in the website

  • If the submitted Building Instructions was found not original or of lacks quality it won't be accepted and our team will contact you, explaining the problems

  • Organizations are also allowed to upload their building instructions on our platform, and we will be referring to the organization name and the creator/s name

  • If the Building Instructions includes any non-related information as the creator/s phone numbers, address, it may not be accepted (Only Names and Emails Allowed)

Here is the Building Instructions Submitting form you can also press here to view the external form, please try to fill up or the fields and feel free to contact us any time for further inquiries or comments.

Robots Got Talents Contacts Email: info@robotsgottalents

You can also contact us on our Facebook profile

View External Form from here

Thanks for your help, we hope your Building Instructions could inspire new learners and young designers from all over the world to start their journey.

If you want to have an idea and wont to create Building Instructions and have it published here, you can join our free LEGO DIGITAL DESIGNER Course


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