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Robots Got Talents team is proud to announce the laucnh of the very new Spike Essential Zone with +30 Free Lessons, Guides, and Activities developed using our latest curriculum for LEGO® Education Spike Essential.

Starting from the 15th of August 2022 the new zone will be available on both Robots Got Talents Educational Platform and RoboApp with lessons and guides for Spike Essential hardware, Spike Software and the Icon and Word Blocks programming options, Throughout this year more programming lessons, building instructions and activities will be added.

More About the Spike Essential Zone:

The Spike Essential Zone currently includes 31 free LEGO® Education Spike Essential Lessons, Activities and Guides, which are all 100% free and could be used by both Individuals and Educational Organizations with no signup/login required. All the Lessons are also mobile-supported and available in PDF and Presentation formats.

Lessons, Guides and Activities are available for the following:

  • Using the Spike Software

  • Spike Essential Hardware

  • All Spike Essential Icon Blocks

  • All Spike Essential Word Blocks

  • Robotics and Programming Lessons



Upcoming Activities:

  • Spike Sensors and Motors Activities

  • Spike Essential Beginners Building Instructions

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